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Key Findings

Some of the key findings from the data collected at Qatar Biobank in 2016 are detailed below.

Anthropometric Measurements

During their clinical visit, participants underwent a series of anthropometric measurements. The table shows that men had an average height of 1.72m, weight 85.9Kg and BMI 28.6 Kg/m2, while the mean blood pressure lay within the normal ranges. Women’s mean height was 1.58m, weight 74Kg, and had a higher BMI (29.6 Kg/m2) than men, their blood pressure was within the normal ranges.

Lifestyle Characteristics

Selection of Lifestyle Habits of Qatar Biobank Participants

A unique characteristic of Qatar Biobank population was the low rate of smokers, almost all the women (94%) and half of the men (47%) had never smoked, while in the smokers’ category, men played a dominant role with a percentage of 39% versus 4% for women.

Chronic Diseases

In an effort to gain a general picture of health of the Qatar Biobank participant a series of questions were asked to identify their past medical history and their family health history.

This graph shows the main chronic diseases reported were:

Clinical Referrals

Through the Qatar Biobank visit and the results feedback session, participants with no existing diagnosis were found to have at least one new diagnosis. Between December 2015 and December 2016, 1192 participants were referred and out of them 789 (66%) were referred for Osteopenia, followed by newly diagnosed dyslipidemia (33%).

More information on the Qatar Biobank results are available in the Qatar Biobank Annual Report 2016/2017.

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