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How to apply

The data and biosamples collected or generated by QBB will be made available to researchers employed within or otherwise contractually bound to public and private institutions that conduct scientific research and that meet the requirements detailed in the Qatar Biobank Research Access policy. Approved Users will be given access to QBB’s Research Data and/or Biosamples for the period agreed upon in the approved Access Agreement, with the possibility of subsequent renewal.

All researchers interested in applying are required to create a profile through the Research Portal where further information and the application form is available.

Should you have any queries about sample availability or data type a pre application query form is available within the research portal and will be sent directly to the Qatar Biobank Research Access Office.

Flow Chart of Process

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Application Forms

Flow chart narrative

  1. Create a profile/login here (Coming Soon)
  2. Complete and submit the online Research Access Application Form
  3. Application form received and reviewed by QBB
  4. Application sent for IRB review or rejected
  5. Rejected applications may be eligible for an appeals process

Qatar Biobank Institutional Review Board (IRB) Committee

All research applications involving human research subjects will require submission and approval from the Qatar Biobank IRB committee. The QBB IRB committee was founded on the 30th of September 2016.

The purpose of the Qatar Biobank IRB committee is to formalize the process of medical research work of Qatar Biobank which it is committed to and ensuring that all human subject research in which it is engaged is conducted in accordance with the ethical principles through an Institutional Review Board Committee (IRB) as stated by Supreme Council of Health in Qatar: Policies, Regulations and Guidelines for Research Involving Human 2009.

Qatar Biobank IRB Committee will:

Research Access Office

Email: qbbresearch@qf.org.qa

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