Research Collaborations


Research collaborations enabled by Qatar Biobank in various capacities include:

  1. Cross-sectional study of total and central body fatness, insulin sensitivity and inflammation biomarkers in non-diabetic Qatari men and women: The Qatar Biobank project

    Lead Project Investigator: Eiman Nasserallha

  2. The prevalence and factors contributing to obesity among Qatari population

    Lead Project Investigator: Muneera Al-Ali

  3. Cardiovascular risk in Qatar population and the implication of the use of different calculator on prediction

    Lead Project Investigator: Fatima Kafoud

  4. A pilot study to examine the effects of intermittent fasting on health

    Lead Project Investigator: Dr. Teresa Arora

  5. Pilot study of Understand your Genome Project

    Lead Project Investigator: Dr. Ena Wang

Over 92 per cent of participants at Qatar Biobank’s scientist’s forum felt that a lack of access to banked samples and data sets is an impediment to research in Qatar.


An overwhelming 97 per cent of scientific stakeholders felt that access to Qatar Biobank’s resources would be important for supporting research in Qatar over the next decade.



You are being invited to take part in Qatar Biobank, Qatar’s long-term medical health initiative for Qatar’s population. To help you decide whether to contribute, here is some information on Qatar Biobank and what taking part involves.


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Qatar Biobank will make it possible for scientists to conduct research to address some of the greatest health challenges facing Qatar and the region, including cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancer.


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