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As the Qatar National Research Strategy (QNRS) strives to improve the health and well-being of Qatar’s population, scientific research collaborations enabled by Qatar Biobank are the key to impacting the future of personalised healthcare in Qatar and the region.

Through the depth and breadth of knowledge and information collected by Qatar Biobank, we provide researchers with a resource to undertake high-quality biomedical research to better understand the causes of a range of diseases that affect the population of Qatar leading to better preventive measures and treatments.

Within the initial stages of your research proposal, please take into consideration the various documents that summarize the extent of the available services within Qatar Biobank. Useful resources below highlight the research data available, data processing procedures and information on costing to help with budget allocation for your research.

Path to Personalised Medicine (PPM)

In support of the Qatar Genome Programme and in collaboration with Qatar Biobank, the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) established ‘Path to Personalised Medicine (PPM)', a research grant programme aiming to provide personalized healthcare based on an individual’s genetic composition. Following genomic sequencing compiled by the Qatar Genome Programme, the grant aims to support experts and researchers in their mission to integrate personalized healthcare in Qatar.

Research Data Available



You are being invited to take part in Qatar Biobank, Qatar’s long-term medical health initiative for Qatar’s population. To help you decide whether to contribute, here is some information on Qatar Biobank and what taking part involves.


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Qatar Biobank will make it possible for scientists to conduct research to address some of the greatest health challenges facing Qatar and the region, including cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancer.


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